UNIA Ares XM Speed Disc

Maximize field efficiency and crop growth. Soil preparation can be a labour-intensive process for Australian farmers. The UNIA ARES XM, with its high-speed operation, robust build, and adjustable disc angles ensure precise soil cultivation and optimal seedbed conditions in one pass.

Working Width

5.0 M - 6.0 M

Operation Type


Required HP

160 - 210 HP

Working Speed

15 KPH

UNIA Ares XM Speed Disc

Heavy-duty Speed Disc that will transform hard, uncultivated ground into a well-prepared seedbed in a single pass

ARES XM Working Width/ HP
5 M / 160-190 hp
6 M/ 170-210 hp

Seedbed Preparation

Reliable and Robust Design

Highly Versatile and Adaptable


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

5 6
Weight with tubular roller ø600 [kg] 4700 5100
Power requirement [HP] 160÷190 170÷210
Number of plates [pcs.] 48 60
Spacing between rows of discs [cm] 80 80

UNIA Ares XM Speed Disc

Australian farmers struggle with time-consuming and labour-intensive soil preparation tasks, hindering efficient crop establishment and reducing overall farm productivity. The UNIA Ares XM Speed Disc is designed to address this challenge by offering a high-speed, precision tillage solution that optimises seedbed quality and maximises crop yields.

UNIA Ares XM Speed Disc Overview

The UNIA Ares XM Speed Disc is a heavy-duty tillage implement engineered for superior soil cultivation and seedbed preparation. With its robust construction, adjustable disc angles, and large working width, this disc harrow delivers efficient and effective tillage performance, enabling farmers to achieve optimal seedbed conditions for successful crop establishment.

Design and Standard Features

High-Speed Operation

The UNIA Ares XM Speed Disc is engineered to operate at high speeds, significantly increasing field efficiency and reducing time spent on soil preparation. By covering more ground in less time, farmers can optimize their planting windows and maximize overall productivity during critical periods of the growing season.

Robust Construction

Built to withstand the rigours of intensive agricultural use, the UNIA Ares XM Speed Disc features a heavy-duty frame and durable components designed to endure challenging field conditions. Its rugged construction ensures long-term reliability and performance, providing farmers with peace of mind and confidence in their tillage equipment’s ability to withstand demanding tasks year after year.

Adjustable Disc Angles

 Customizability is key to effective soil cultivation, and the UNIA Ares XM Speed Disc delivers adjustable disc angles that allow farmers to fine-tune their tillage operations to suit specific soil conditions and cropping systems. Whether working in heavy clay or light sandy soils, farmers can optimize their tillage practices for optimal seedbed preparation and crop performance.

Effective Soil Mixing

The layout and configuration of the disc gangs on the UNIA Ares XM Speed Disc ensure thorough mixing of crop residues and soil amendments, promoting soil structure improvement and nutrient distribution throughout the seedbed. By breaking up clods and incorporating organic matter, this disc harrow creates an ideal environment for seed germination, root development, and nutrient uptake, ultimately leading to healthier crops and improved yields. 

Large Working Width

With its generous working width, the UNIA Ares XM Speed Disc maximizes field coverage and minimizes the number of passes required to prepare the seedbed. This not only saves time and fuel but also reduces soil compaction and disturbance, preserving soil health and structure for long-term sustainability.

Ease of Maintenance

Designed with user convenience in mind, the UNIA Ares XM Speed Disc features accessible maintenance points and tool-free disc blade replacement for quick and hassle-free upkeep. This reduces downtime and keeps the equipment running smoothly throughout the planting season, allowing farmers to focus on their crops rather than equipment maintenance.

Compatibility with Various Tractors

Versatility is paramount in modern farming operations, and the UNIA Ares XM Speed Disc delivers by being compatible with a wide range of tractor models and hitch systems. Whether working with smaller utility tractors or larger row-crop models, farmers can easily integrate this disc harrow into their existing equipment lineup, maximizing versatility and efficiency on the farm.

At FarmTech Machinery, we know you are the kind of farmer who wants to easily transform the unbroken ground into a rich and healthy paddock. To be that way, you must have a strong, capable Speed Disc that can easily penetrate through hard, compacted soil.

The problem is there’s a lot of choice in the market, which makes you feel concerned about making the right purchase. We believe every farmer needs a reliable and efficient speed disc to make the seedbed as easy as possible.

We understand the hard work and perseverance of every farmer. That’s why we keep introducing machinery that will lessen your burden and workload. With the Unia Ares XM speed disc, you get a high-performance, fuel-efficient, and ultra-durable disc cultivator that will ensure you’ll get an excellent combination of an even seedbed and loose soil granulation for your crops. 

Call us now so we demonstrate how the innovative Ares line of machines can help your everyday or seasonal farming. You can now stop worrying if the ground is properly broken for planting and start working with machinery designed to meet any farmers’ requirements.

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