Improve soil aeration and root penetration. Compacted soil limits root growth and inhibits water infiltration, resulting in decreased crop yields and compromised soil health. The Cross HP allows farmers to customize soil preparation according to soil conditions and crop requirements, leading to healthier root development and crop growth.

Working Width

3.0 M - 4.0 M

Operation Type


Required HP

150 - 200 HP

Working Depth

30 cm

UNIA Cross HP Speed Disc

Folding Deep Ripper Speed Disc Combo to help cure your deep compaction issues. 

Deep Compaction Relief

Heavy-Duty Build

Pre-Planting Equipment


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

CROSS HP 4 5 6
Weight with Ø600mm pipe roller (kg) 6300 6950 7270
Power Demand (HP) 180÷240 240÷280 280÷320
No. of Tines (pcs) 13 17 19
Tines Spacing in the Machine (mm) 300 290 305
Under beam Clearance (cm) 850 850 850
Beam Spacing 750 750 750
Length of the Machine 760 760 760

UNIA Cross HP Speed Disc

Australian farmers struggle with deep soil compaction issues, which hinder crop growth and reduce yields. The UNIA Cross HP Speed Disc offers a robust solution by combining deep chiselling and speed discing functions.

UNIA Cross HP Speed Disc Overview

The UNIA Cross HP Speed Disc is a heavy-duty folding Deep Ripper and speed disc combo designed to tackle deep compaction issues and improve soil structure for better crop yields. With its innovative design and versatile configuration, the Cross HP crosses the line between primary and secondary tillage, offering farmers a comprehensive solution for field terraforming. Equipped with CX tines, A-type disc harrows, and a solid steel pipe roller, this tilling machine ensures thorough soil cultivation and preparation for optimal crop growth.

Design and Standard Features

Versatile Tilling Machine

The Cross HP combines deep chiselling and speed discing functions, providing farmers with a versatile tool for primary and secondary tillage operations. This versatility allows for efficient soil cultivation and preparation, enhancing soil health and promoting better crop growth.

Dual-Purpose Deep Ripper and Speed Disc Combo

With its clever design and choice of tools, the Cross HP effectively breaks up compacted soil layers while also cutting weeds and plant residues, improving soil aeration and nutrient distribution for healthier crops and increased yields.

CX Tines with Spring Protection

The Cross HP features three rows of CX tines with pad-welded chisels and spring protection, minimizing the risk of damage when encountering tough spots in the field. This ensures consistent and reliable performance, even in challenging soil conditions.

Heavy Chisel Plow Design

 Built on a solid steel chassis with a foldable frame, the Cross HP offers durability and easy transportability. The hydraulic working depth regulation provides precise control, while the semi-suspended axle enhances maneuverability and control during operation.

Foldable Frame for Easy Transport

The foldable frame design allows for convenient transport and storage, making it easier for farmers to move the Cross HP between fields or transport it on public roads without the need for additional permits or equipment.

Rubber Shock Absorbers on Disc Assemblies

 The A-Type disc harrows are equipped with rubber shock absorbers to protect against bumps and impacts, ensuring smooth and consistent operation while minimizing wear and tear on the machine components.

Thorough Soil Cultivation

With a working depth of up to 30 cm (without undercutter) and 15 cm (with undercutter), the Cross HP ensures thorough soil cultivation and preparation, breaking up compacted soil layers and promoting better root development and nutrient uptake for improved crop performance.

At FarmTech Machinery, we know you are the kind of farmer who wants to solve your compaction issue and increase your soil’s productivity. In order to be that way, you need a robust machine that will turn your field over without harming your soil’s natural composition.  

The problem is that most implements can only do the former, which requires you to do additional maintenance tasks to mitigate the damage. We believe that combining a deep ripper and speed disc in one machine solves that problem which leads to a more sustainable and profitable field.  

We understand the challenge Australian farmers go through. That’s why we have the UNIA Cross HP. Not only does it drill the ground, it also does seeding and fertilizer spreading at once! Here’s how it works: the seed drill goes through the ground with its 24-row tine drill. Once the proper holes are made, the double shoot system supplies the right seed and fertilizer for optimal growing.  

So talk to our sales specialist today, so you can stop working with mediocre, single-purpose farming equipment and start fast-tracking your way to an optimally growing farm.

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Manufactured in Australia