XT Series – Broadcaster – Teagle

Full-scale and accurate spreading pattern of fertilizers and grains

High Capacity Hopper

Heavy-Duty Construction

Accurate Dispersion


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

Capacity (litres) 1350 l
Overall Height A (metres) 1.28 m
Overall Width B (metres) 1.92 m
Overall Length C (metres) 1.29 m
Unladen Weight (kilograms) 271 kg
Linkage Cat 2
Extension Capacity (litres) 200 l
Extension Height (metres) 0.10 m

XT Series Double Spreader- Teagle

Australian farmers often face challenges achieving precise and error-free fertilizer spreading. Our twin-disc XT spreading system effectively eliminates errors and produces a reliable triangular spread pattern, ensuring even distribution and reducing the risk of striping, all with simple setup and operation.

XT Series Double Spreader Overview

The XT Series Double Spreader from Teagle addresses the common issue Australian farmers face with uneven application of granular fertilisers and grains in their paddocks. Designed for precision and durability, this spreader is your solution for consistent and accurate spreading.

Design and Standard Features

Versatile Spreading Capacity

Ranging from 660 to 1350 liters, this spreader is suited for different scales of farming operations, ensuring that you can carry a significant load of fertilizers or grains for efficient field coverage.

Quadruple Overlapping Spread Pattern

Guarantees a full-scale and even distribution pattern, minimizing gaps and overlap for granular fertilizers and grains. This feature significantly reduces the risk of uneven growth across the paddocks.

Removable Corrosion-resistant Plastic Hopper

Enhances durability against harsh chemicals and outdoor conditions while allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Simple Rate and Pattern Adjustment

Enables precise control over the amount and distribution of material, allowing for tailored application to suit the specific needs of each field and crop type.

Stainless Steel Spreading System and Sieve

Provides durability, longevity, and resistance to corrosion, ensuring that the machine remains reliable over time and consistent in its spreading performance.

Optional Features for Enhanced Functionality

Including high lift legs for added clearance, hopper extensions for increased capacity, hopper covers for protection from the elements, hydraulic tilt kits for ease of use, hydraulic shutters for precision control, and band spreading kits for specialized applications.

Headland Tilt Mechanism

Allows for adjusted spreading when turning on headlands, ensuring consistent application right up to the edge of the field without wastage.

At FarmTech Machinery, we know you are the kind of farmer who wants to be more precise in distributing fertiliser and seeds on your field. To be that way, you need a reliable spreader by your side.

The problem is the spreader itself sometimes is the cause of distribution irregularities due to poor quality, which could cost time, money, and valuable resources. We believe you should employ a heavy-duty implement to do the job accurately.

We understand your struggles completely. We highly recommend the XT Series- Double Spreader from Teagle. These spreaders have corrosion-resistant hoppers and powder-coated frames for longer and more reliable spreading. 

Here’s how it works: with the spreader fully engaged to the PTO shaft of a tractor, the XT Series- Double Spreader operates by distributing equal spread to both sides. The two adjacent bouts in this system fully overlap, resulting in a straight-line pattern. It is easy to drive to the correct bout width by watching the extremity of the spread and matching it to the previous wheel mark. 

So call Farmtech today, so you can stop using unreliable spreaders and start spreading your seeds and fertilisers using a highly accurate and durable spreader!

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Manufactured in Australia