Rotary Tillers: Their Benefits In Agriculture

Rotary Tiller sold at FarmTech Machinery

Rotary Tillers are machines used for both primary and secondary Tillage for cultivating the soil. They use a series of blades that eliminate weeds, relieve compaction, as it mixes and levels the soil. This agricultural equipment is very powerful and is used for seedbed preparation. It’s are Primary and secondary tillage as they break up, churns and aerates the soil prior to planting. This improves drainage and makes your ground ideal for growing vegetables and row crops. 

These machines are ideal for cash crop farmers who are looking to bury and incorporate crop residues and trash efficiently and quickly between harvesting and planting. 

Benefits Of Rotary Tillers 

  • Rotary tillers allow the preparation of the soil without using a large amount of labour. It’s essential to ensure your soil is properly prepared. Turning your soil gives you the maximum amount of nutrients for your plants. The better your soil structure, the bigger the crops you yield. 
  • There are a large variety of model sizes to suit any tractor.
  • Rotary Tillers are suitable to use in dry and wetland cultivation/ 
  • They can loosen and aerate soil up to 10-15cm in depth


Application of Rotary Tillers 

Chopping and mixing- rotary tillers are ideal for chopping and mixing crops like maize, tobacco, sugarcane, cotton and rice. The trash mixes uniformly and through the soil adds valuable humus to the soil. 

Tilling and planting- many rotary tillers can be equipped with a toolbar mounted planter for towing a planter for tillage and planting. Rearraging a rotary tillers blades on the rotor shaft allows you to use the machine to strip-tillage your seedbed. 

Fertiliser and chemicals – the mixing action of the machine is ideal for the incorporation of fertiliser after spreading. 

Weed control– Rotary hoes provide effective weed control while tilling and incorporate the green manure into the soil.


Choosing The Right Rotary Tillers 

This machine comes in different sizes for different applications. Gardens and small allotments require smaller tillers. Larger ones are more commonly used on larger areas of land, vegetable patches and fields. Their gearboxes and blade sizes desiged differently for light or more heavy-dutry work. Lighter machines are usually more economical but won’t stand up to more demanding tasks. 


FarmTech Minos Agri Rotary Tiller 

FarmTech offers Three models of  Rotary Tiller, two in the FarmTech Select range and one in the PowerAg range with a variety of sizes. These models come with spring covers, and are secondary tillage tools used for preparing seedbed and for stubblig plouging on farms, vineyards, and gardens.  This machine is multi-purpose and long-lasting and environmentally friendly. These tillers increase the humus content of your soil by incorporating your plant’s residue and organic fertiliser. 

If you’re looking for top-quality rotary tillers for your farming operations, reach out to the team at FarmTech. We’ve been in the farming industry for over 40 years and supplying the best equipment designed for Australian farming conditions. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our line of FarmTech Select and PowerAg Rotary Tillers or have questions on our other machinery for sale, don’t hesitate to give us a call on (02) 8776 3354 or get in contact with us at sales@farmtech.com.au

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