IE Series - 12v Spreader - SpreadX

The IE Series – 12v Spreader – SpreadX involves perforating the soil with slots to relieve compaction and allow water, air and nutrients to penetrate down to the grassroots. New science has shown that aeration is vital to soil health.

Working Speed

12 kmph

Spreading Width


Shutter Control



22 KG

IE Series - 12v Spreader - SpreadX

Keep Your Paddocks Seeded, Fertilized, and Pest-Free!

  • IE 70 – 70 Liter
  • IE 100 – 100 Liter
  • IE 180 – 180 Liter

Low Maintenance Machinery

Flexible Mounting Option

General Purpose Electric Spreader


Here are some technical details of all the available variants/models in this specific product.

Product IE - 70 SC IE - 70 SSC IE - 100 SC IE - 100 SSC IE - 180 SC IE - 180 SSC
Working Speed - 12 kmph - 12 kmph - 12 kmph - 12 kmph - 12 kmph - 12 kmph
Spreading Width 2-22m 2-22m 2-22m 2-22m 2-22m 2-22m
Width Adjustment 180-90 left or right 180-90 left or right 180-90 left or right 180-90 left or right 180-90 left or right 180-90 left or right
Shutter Control Manual Electric Control System Manual Electric Control System Manual Electric Control System
Weight (KG) 22 22 21 21 26 26
Length (mm) 600 600 600 600 600 600
Height (mm) 830 830 900 900 1120 1120
Height (mm) 550 550 550 550 730 730
Height (mm) 12v 12v 12v 12v 12v 12v

IE 12v Spreader - Iris

Spread Seed, Fertiliser, or Mouse Bait from your Side by Side, Utility Vehicle, or Tractor

Australian farmers struggle to find a utility spreader to spread seed, fertiliser, and bait. However, regular spreaders can’t multitask and require a PTO or ground drive.

The IE Series Electric Spreaders are the best solution to this problem. These affordable, super-utility spreaders from Iris can spread seeds, fertiliser, and mouse bait. Also, this multi-purpose equipment is compact in size and only needs a 12-volt power source.

IE Series Spreader Overview

The IE Series Spreader – also known as the 12V Spreader, is a versatile utility spreader that can be mounted onto various vehicles such as side-by-sides, utes or tractors. These spreaders are often used to broadcast a range of materials such as mouse bait, fertilizer, seed and slug pellets. Its corrosion-resistant build protects your investment ensuring that it will last for years to come.

Design and Standard Features

UV Resistant Poly Hopper

The IE 12V Spreader – Iris features a UV resistant poly hopper that is available in three different sizes – 70L, 100L, and 180L. This hopper material is designed to provide resistance to corrosion and durability, making it suitable for arable cropping situations and all-season spreading.

Stainless Steel Construction

Stainless steel has become one of the most popular materials for spreader construction due to its strong and corrosion-resistant properties. With a stainless steel body, shutter, and spinner the spreader is resistant to corrosion, rust, and other forms of degradation. This makes it an ideal choice for spreading materials that are often corrosive and can cause damage to other types of spreaders.

12v Motor

The 12v motor is responsible for turning the spinner, which is the component that broadcasts the material that needs to be spread evenly across the field. With its precision control and consistent speed, the 12v motor ensures that the spinner moves at a perfect rate to deliver an even and accurate dose of material every time.

Maximum spread

Its maximum spread capacity of up to 22 meters, which makes it an ideal choice for spreading seeds, fertilizer, and other granular materials.

Electric or Mechanical shutter

If you are looking for a versatile spreader that can handle a variety of applications in arable cropping situations, then the IE 12V spreader series is worth considering. These spreaders come in two models: the IE S/C and the IE SS/C. The major difference between these two models is the type of shutter control they offer.

  • SS/C  Electric shutter control (in-cab controller has both spinner speed control and  shutter control)
  • S/C    Mechanical shutter control (in-cab controller has only spinner speed control

Mounting options

When it comes to the IE 12v spreader, mounting options are plentiful. This spreader unit can be mounted to a variety of vehicles, including tractors, Utes, and side by sides, as well as implements behind a tractor. The versatility of mounting options makes it easy to tailor the spreader to the specific needs of the user.

Easy Calibration

When it comes to spreading seeds, fertilizers, and mouse baits, precision is key to ensuring efficient use of resources and effective results. The IE 12V spreader offers that level of accuracy in an all-season and user-friendly package. One particularly impressive feature of this spreading machine is its quick and easy calibration process.

in cab control

The IE 12V spreader comes equipped with an innovative in-cab control system that allows the operator to adjust the spread width while remaining seated in the vehicle. This feature adds to the already extremely user-friendly nature of the spreader.

By utilizing the intuitive controls in the cab, the operator can determine the optimal spread width for a given situation as well as closing the shutter (SS/C models) . This feature is particularly useful where precision application of seeds or fertilizer is necessary. The in-cab control system can be configured to make very precise adjustments to the application rate settings, making it incredibly versatile in any seeding or fertilization scenario.

Common Applications

The IE 12V spreader is a versatile piece of equipment that is commonly used in various cropping situations. One of the key applications of the IE spreader is for spreading mouse bait. The spreader can also be used for the distribution of fertilizers, grass seeds, cover crop seeds, and slug pellets.

At Farmtech Machinery, we understand you, as a farmer, want a versatile spreader that can handle seed, fertiliser, or mouse bait. Farmers need a piece of equipment that complements their required function, whether to spread small amounts of seed or setup at the back of their air seeder.

The problem is, many spreaders on the market are single purpose, providing limited options and requiring farmers to swap multiple machines to spread seeds, fertilisers, or mouse bait.

We understand the importance of proper dosage when spreading the seeds, fertilisers, and baits, and must be consistent in doing so. With the Iris IE Series Electric Spreaders, you don’t have to worry about applying too much or too little. We are confident that this rig can spread the accurate dosage that you need. Moreover, it does not need significant horsepower to run. It can be used on a side-by-side, Ute, or machinery.

Talk to us and tell us what you need! Stop wasting your time, energy, and money on single-purpose spreaders and go with a versatile spreader that does multiple tasks in one.

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