The Advantages Of Tube Wrapping Bale

The Advantages Of Tube Wrapping Bale

Four Advantages Of Tube Wrapping

As a farmer, you’re responsible for optimising the production of your business, as well as setting operation goals and business plans. But, when you’re working long hours and managing seasonal staff, reaching these goals can be a challenge. 

However, with reliable machinery and tools at your disposal, you’ll be able to dedicate more time to strategic planning. 

At Farmtech we know that opting for a more modern and efficient bale wrapping possess means you’ll be saving money and time. 

While there are numerous reasons why you should be tube wrapping bale, we want to highlight the four main advantages of tube wrapping.

Halve Plastic Costs Compared To Individual Wrapped

When you wrap your bale with a tube wrapper, rather than an individual bale wrapper, you can reduce the amount of bale wrap plastic by half. Tube wrappers still have six layers to ensure bale quality, so you’ll be saving money without having to compromise quality. 

Simple To Feed Out

Because all you have to do is run a knife along the top of the tube and pull the plastic down, tube wrapped bales are easier to feed out. Unlike individual bales, you won’t have to get out every time to cut off the plastic. Tube wrapped bales are also safer because you aren’t getting under the individual round bale to cut off the plastic and net. 

Tidily Stored In Paddock 

Tube wrapped baled are wrapped at the storage site and are kept there until they need to be fed out. This eliminates the need to move wrapped bales, the risk of damaging the plastic which allows oxygen to penetrate the bale, thereby reducing feed quality

Higher Quality Baleage

FarmTech’s Tubeline Wrappers are ideal for Australian conditions. It is capable of wrapping 6ft long square bales stacked two high. The newest generation of TL Series inline bale wrappers from Tubeline is built to provide producers and custom operators with high efficiency and proven reliability. 

With over 23 years of experience in importing and manufacturing specialised farm machinery, we understand the needs of the Australian Farming industry. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our Tubeline Wrappers or have any more questions regarding our other farming machinery available, give us a call on (02) 8776 3354 or get in contact with us at sales@farmtech.com.au


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