The Best Forage Harvesters For Sale

The Best Forage Harvesters For Sale

When trying to find a forage Harvester for sale, it is important you buy from a brand that you trust. After all, if you are buying a new piece of equipment, it’ll need to work for you straight away and be assured to last. You will also want the sellers to ask the important questions that you haven’t even considered before. Questions like ‘how large is the paddock that the forage harvester is going into?’, ‘will your shed fit this forge harvester?’ and many other questions. Here at FarmtTech we do all this and more with our extended line of forage harvesters for sale.

JF 1300 AT

JF are an industry leader when it comes to Forage Harvesters and we recommend these machines as the only forager to use on sugar cane, tea tree, and bulky grass crops. Being one of their smallest machines, coming in at 1.30m working width, this machine still has an awful lot going for it. This includes the JF ‘15C’ blade system and the Kernel Processor System for better beef and milk production. It also has a front drum system that is adjustable for smoother forage flow and stability. The fingers of this collection drum system can be removed and replaced too, meaning maintenance is affordable. In keeping with making the machine easy to run, it also has a side wheel with an adjustable height making it more stable and safer to use. The back rotor also has a cleaning system installed that not only saves you time but will keep the performance of the rotors high.

JF 1600

There are two types of forage harvesters available in this range, with one being built specifically for front power take-off tractors. These forage harvesters are fantastic at harvesting maize, barley, oats, sugar cane, tea tree, sorghum and tropical grasses. They have also been designed with a ‘15C’ blade system for better processing. These blades also result in great kernel cracking, saving money on any extra required equipment. The chute also has been updated by JF, with a payload delivery system that is designed for a more efficient transfer to trucks and wagons. These forage harvester chutes are also chain and belt drive free, making them more robust and easier to perform day-to-day maintenance on.

JF 1900 AT Forage Harvester

The JF 1900 is an industry leader in its concept of a set of twin chopping rotors that can work in tandem or separately. This multi-forage system can harvest both winter and summer crops. This has two major benefits, the first being that farmers who use it get superior quality silage on a regular basis. Secondly, the silage processed for livestock is easier to distribute for feeding. The JF 1900 AT also has the premium feature of a double deflector chute with a precise discharge system that runs via a joystick.

JF 3200 AT S2 multi-forage harvester

The JF 3200 is unique in its design. It is coupled to a reverse drive tractor to make it work in line with it. This makes the forager more maneuverable and a lot more compact while still giving the same feeling as a self-propelled harvester. The head itself is 3.20m and is highly productive. This means that it allows for several types of forage and has a high output and larger range. The blades are sharpened by inbuilt blade sharpeners that keep the blades at an optimal sharpness. The chute also has a reverse system for when the JF 3200 At S2 is overloaded and needs unblocking.

JF 192 AT multi-forage harvester

The JF 192 AT is the perfect answer to anyone looking for the perfect harvester for sugar cane and forage of its class. This includes tropical grass and forages that require heavy-duty equipment. This machine is not only built for heavy jobs but is also extremely versatile in its usage. The JF 192 AT can both plant in a row and in any direction, making planting in tight areas easier. This is on top of all the standard features mentioned previously for their other forage harvesters available for sale at Farmtech.

T-MSM HM Maize Chopper

An option for someone looking for a smaller and less bulky forage harvester is the T-MSM HM Maize Chopper. With its modern and compact design, it can be easily fitted onto a tractor and folded up onto the chasse until it is required. This forager can either be fitted to the side of a tractor and shot into a bin towed at the side of the tractor or fit with the payload system aimed at the back for a trailer towed behind the tractor.

F41 Stinger

With the option of a corn or grass head, the F41 Stinger has all the bells and whistles for these two crop types in a compact design. This harvester has a side loading spout meaning you can load directly into trucks and trailers. This is made easy thanks to the fully electro-hydraulic controls that result in the consistent transferral of payload. The transfer to and from is easy to track too, with a wide view colour camera being able to monitor the ongoings in F41 Stinger. When you’re done with the F41 Stinger it can be folded down to a height of three meters and supported on the hydraulic accumulator suspension for a smooth ride without any stress on your tractor’s hydraulic system.

Omarv FH180 DT

The Omarv FH180 DT is a good option for a towable forage harvester. This machine has a hydraulic run giraffe shoot for easy and accurate dispersal in a paired bin. This hydraulic control is also included in the cutting height of the Omarv FH180 DT. This harvester also has a shaft for a PTO system to make it compatible with multiple types of tractors.

Invested in our range of forage harvesters for sale? Enquire with the FarmTech team today to learn more about the forage harvester of your dreams. To get in contact with our team call us on (02) 8776 3354 or email us at sales@farmtech.com.au.



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