The Importance of Aeration

The Importance of Aeration

Should I be Aerating my soil?

A soils fraternity does not always mean it has equal soil productivity. As farming experts, we know that all plants require fertile soil in which to grow, fertility by itself isn’t enough. Plants also need water and air to produce good crops. Adequate soil moisture is a must for a good yield.

This is why we have developed the Aervator Series, Australia’s premier high utility soil implementor. 

What is Soil Aeration?

Aeration involves perforating the land with small holes for air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots. This action helps crops’ roots to grow deeply and produce stronger, more vigorous crops. 

Air within the soil is a key factor for plant root systems to utilise the nutrients. The lack of air causes the system to lose its ability to utilise the fertilisers and soil conditions, which are then wasted. Aeration also helps manage the residue from the last crops planted and provides a seedbed for the next set of crops. 

Aeration is the key to putting your soil in good condition and keeping it productive in the future.

FarmTech Machinery’s whole ethos on Aeration and their patented AERVATOR Series revolves around the following key benefits:

Air, Water and Fertiliser Delivery 

Our Aervators provide a full 200mm of penetration enhancing air, water and fertiliser delivery to the root zone. After the first use, we guarantee you’ll see results, from a significant reduce water runoff and assist with getting fertiliser and lime down to the root system where it does the most good. 

Unlocking valuable nutrients and making them more accessible to plants are key to increasing fertiliser efficiency and fertiliser input savings. Our Aervator system achieves this by leaving a gap for air and moisture infiltration to the root zone, which promotes biological activity and mineralisation. 


Our uniquely patented Aeverator tine design loosens the soil without destroying its granular aggregation. Unlike other aerators, the Aervator does not drag through the soil meaning low coast on fuel and horsepower. 

Compaction Relief 

Encourage a deeper, stronger, root system while permitting sub soil moister that rises during droughts, by using our Aervator. Our machine relieves natural or machine-made compaction and hardpan layers. 

Conservation Tillage

With the ability to offset rollers, our Aervator leaves stubble on top of the ground to decay without destroying the structure of your soil. 

Waterlogged Soil Relief 

Regular use of our Aervator Increases your soils moisture evaporation and percolation rale which allows water-logged areas to become productive again. 

Erosion Control 

Because our Aervator doesn’t destroy soil aggregation and leaves the reside on top of the ground,  soil erosion conditions are avoided. 

If you’re interested in Farmtechs Aervator Series or have any more questions regarding our other farming machinery available, give us a call on (02) 8776 3354 or get in contact with us at sales@farmtech.com.au

Happy Farming! 


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