What Are The Benefits Of New Farming Machinery?

What Are The Benefits Of New Farming Machinery

New technologies offer the chance to improve the process of farming. Whether it be in the seeding, harvesting or processing of a crop, modern technology can take production to the next level. There are multiple reasons why new farming machinery can benefit you, all of which can have positive impacts on your next harvest.

Makes farming more efficient

With new equipment comes the advancement of the technology to be better adapted and more efficient. This efficiency is twofold as it provides efficiency in farming and in operations. New farming machinery is built with technological advancements in mind, with features to further streamline each process. Whether that be the sowing of the seeds or the harvest of the fully grown crop. These machines are also built to be more efficient in their ease of use. Older equipment is built with older components and operating technology, adding an undue amount of stress if something goes wrong. Maintaining this farming machinery can become more expensive thanks to these factors. Furthermore, their ease of use is limited to the advancements at the time which, with farmings constantly evolving nature, may make a job harder than it should be. New equipment doesn’t have any of these problems, not being limited by out of date technology and incorporating features that positively affect the efficiency of other areas of the farming process.

Diversification equals more opportunity

Diversifying your farm equipment means you can better adapt for new opportunities in the farming world. Whether it be a new way to aerate soil or a new way to harvest forage, new farming machinery means new opportunities. We are seeing trends of adopting new technology equating to better farming practices. In these cases, it is usually the early adopters of the technology who see the best results, with these farmers understanding how to make the equipment work best for them and their needs.

Results in an increase of quality produce

There are no compromises involved when you are growing a quality product. Better products push the demand for your harvests. This improved position means you can charge more money for the produce you worked hard to grow. This increase in product prices also means more money to invest in other areas of your farm. This may mean that you can increase the size of your next harvest or potentially have the chance to get other farm machinery that can further improve other elements of your harvest.

Makes a farm safer

With new farm machinery and equipment, everything is built to current safety standards, decreasing the chances of injury in the workplace. If overlooked, a machine with compromised safety could have repercussions that have the potential to be monumental. Potential hospital bills, legal costs, equipment upgrades and insurance hikes could leave a farm’s funds destitute. That’s why proactive action in upgrading out of date equipment is not only good for better products but also good for the safety of yourself and your workforce.

Better harvests result in a better lifestyle

Perhaps the most important part of a new machine’s job is making life easier for the people who own them. There are lots of things that can weigh down on a farmer who is in the midst of a harvest. The availability of reliable equipment can alleviate a few of the potential issues affecting a farmer mentally.

If you are looking for a more efficient way to farm and are looking at investing in your next piece of equipment, Farmtech can help. With over 20 years of experience, we know something new and exciting when we see it! Give us a call today on (02) 8776 3354.

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