Why Choose FarmTech Bale Wrappers & Silage Equipment

FarmTech Bale Wrappers & Silage Equipment

As the cost for livestock rapidly escalates, more hay growers are looking at not only improving yield and quality but also enhancing their storage techniques and methods. When the weather won’t cooperate long enough to let you produce decent hay, your best solution is silleage. 

Farmtech offers three different bale wrappers and silage handling equipment guaranteed to help your business grow in your field. 

 Tanco bale wrappers, known for their consistency and durability, without compromising quality, will surprise you with how quickly you can get the job done.

Tanco A Series 

Perfect for eliminating weight and waste, the A Series is a robust, compact and efficient trailed wrapper. The build quality and bale output make this machine perfect for individual farmers and contractors.

Tanco S Series

The S Series offers single, twin or triple wrap arms that give customers flexibility in terms of output. A unique non-adjustable telescopic Cut & Start gathers film into a single strand before it is cut, resulting in an ultra-reliable system you can have confidence in.

Tanco 1400V 

Think effortless speed. The 1400V is built to the highest standard, using hydraulic speed control, coupled with a unique split table; the result is the most stable and fastest trailed wrapper on the market.

FarmTech is a true Australian business. With over 23 years of experience with specialised farm machinery, we understand the needs of the Australian Farming industry. If you’re interested in any of the products listed above or have any more questions regarding our other farming machinery available, give us a call on (02) 8776 3354 or get in contact with us at sales@farmtech.com.au

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